Isolating vs. Healing

I was speaking with a friend earlier today. We are both healing from our own personal trauma, I mentioned to her that I do not mean to be a pest but I will continue to reach out and let her know I am thinking of her regardless of whether she reaches back out to me or not. This brought up an interesting question.....when you choose to spend time with yourself after a traumatic experience, is it isolating or healing? We all heal differently, each one of us taking our own amount of time and journey through the process. Some people feel the need to surround themselves with others all the time but some, like myself need to pull back and be alone so we can reconnect to who we truly are to nourish ourselves and grow. When you think about nature there are multiple situations where growth and reformation can only occur in isolation. For example, the caterpillar isolates in his cocoon, a baby bird needs the isolation of their shell, without these protective barriers neither would have the time and space to develop, nourish and grow so that they can eventually break free and have the strength and courage to take flight. So, why should we be any different? We are part of nature just as much as the birds and butterflies....somehow I feel that we lost our ability to self soothe rather we turn to the numerous ways to overstimulate ourselves so that we don't have to sit with the discomfort. I feel that if I avoid the discomfort then I never truly heal. Sometimes I will isolate but not as a way to shut others out, only as a way to truly invite myself back in. So, if I seem MIA at times it is only because I am taking my time and space to nourish and transform.

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