Take an inhale and let it out with a sigh

After 8 long months I can actually say that every detail of my divorce is finally resolved. I guess I never truly realized that I was not fully breathing. Even though I was in my own space, living my own life my x husbands negative energy still seemed to hoover around me. Each time another detail of our divorce was finalized I found that my breathe flowed a bit more freely. It always amazed me that this feeling repeatedly took place, I did not give enough credit to how heavy this negativity truly was. It was like walking around with a pebble in my shoe for days and then I finally took the time to just knock that pebble out and begin to realize just how much discomfort I was dealing with for all that time.

Well, it has been a physically and emotionally exhausting several months. I have had many good, empowering days followed by days where I felt so completely drained I did not think I had anything left to give. On a daily basis I would turn to my practice, my teaching and my support system to refuel me and for that I am forever grateful. Having the knowledge to understand that it always comes back to the breathe is such a gift. It certainly was not one that I always understood, but now that I am able to,

I have such gratitude and respect for the chance to FINALLY take in that full, sweet inhale and simply just let it out with a sigh

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