A Lesson on Receiving Gifts

I have never been very good at asking for help. In fact, I am fairly awful at it. I am one of those people that when you were to ask me "Hey, how are you?" my response would always be the same "I'm good thanks, how are YOU?" When in reality my world could be crumbling around me. I have always been one to be there for others in their time of need but when it came to me, well you know, I totally had it covered. I am not sure if the fear of asking for help was because I thought it made me look like I was weak and could not handle what I had set out to do OR if the fear of asking and not receiving was too scary. I tend to think that it is the latter of the two. When I am asked for help I never have thoughts of weakness towards that person. In fact quite the contrary, I think to myself how awesome it is that this person feels comfortable enough with me that they can ask me to be there for them.

Recently, in creating my new post divorce life I have been faced with several challenges. I am finding out that there are those in your life that are there when the waves are crashing and then there are those that just want to hang out with you on the calm lake. The ones that will stand with you in the roughest of currents, those are the keepers. Those are the ones that I have learned are willing and able to put their own life aside so that they can show up for your life. They may even offer to help without you ever having to ask and that it such a gift. It has been a lesson for me to say yes when these gifts show up in my life and I am realizing that the more open I am to receive the more often they present themselves.

I think I used to spend more time focusing on the hurt I would feel when I thought someone was a wave jumper and then come to realize they are just a lake watcher but now I see that, that is all about them. Now, I am only focused on those beautiful gifts that continue to come into my life, seemingly just as I need them. I am so grateful for these blessings and the lessons that I have learned from others. Thank you for teaching me to accept your offer, to be grateful and sometimes humble and to know that it is ok to need help and to ask for it .

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