Breathe and Pavement

Last week I ran 3 long miles for the first time in about 8 years. Running was my passion, my meditation, my time in nature. Living in NYC, Central Park was my backyard and my escape from the non stop frantic energy of the city. I missed that quiet time only listening to my breathe, the sound of my feet hitting the pavement. I was so intimated to reenter this once familiar world. Having had a highly competitive mindset and always in training mode for the next marathon or the next race I was unsure that lacing up my sneakers and heading out purely for the enjoyment of this sport was possible. So I did the only thing I could think of, I turned to my yoga practice. I used the tools that I have gathered over the past several years to realign my mind to the incredible gifts that I received from running . I am grateful everyday for the strength, humility and patience my yoga practice has given to me. It is sometimes challenging to continue to be the person I transform into when I am on the mat once I step off. Yet, I am always put at peace when I settle into that part of me, when I remember to connect to the breathe and the heart rather then the ego. So proud to say that this yogi is now a free spirited, nature loving, recreational runner.

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