Eclipse Out

It has been so so long since I have taken a moment and sat down to write. Sometimes when I feel like there is just too much going on in my little world I feel overwhelmed to write about it, even though I know that writing is incredibly therapeutic for me. But today it is horribly cold out and I have no where to be and nothing pressing to do, so here I am. Where to start.....I am embarking on a huge transformation in my life at the moment. Not one that I ever thought I would. I am talking about divorce. I certainly did not get married with the intention to get a divorce, as I assume most people don't. But as a child of divorced parents I can certainly understand that happiness and peace of mind is way more important then holding to words that were said possibly many many years ago. For me, it was only 61/2 years, but is was 61/2 years of many many ups and downs, sadly there were probably more downs then up and as we all are aware that marriage requires a lot of work, no marriage should require as much work as I had to put into mine. I was never in a rush to get married, I waited till I found who I thought was someone who was going to be my partner in life, my rock, my best friend, my biggest cheerleader when no one else was cheering. Sadly, things don't always turn out as you had hoped, and that is ok. But, if your prince turns out to be a toad...that toad should never subject you to verbal and emotional abuse, place their insecurities on you and make you feel less then. Life is hard enough, I certainly do not need anyone making it harder.

So, as i move through this process I am realizing the level of stress and tension I was living with everyday. I am becoming aware of the oppression I had been living under. It is amazing what can become your norm when you are just trying to find peace in your home. As, I begin to learn more about how I was living I am becoming more and more excited about how I will now be living. Rediscovering myself, and not having to apologize to anyone for simply just being me. A wonderful and very wise woman I know told me that when decisions are made during the time of an eclipse, particularly decisions concerning the heart, that are sealed in the universe. It is an amazing experience to ask the universe what it is that I need and when you are truly able to receive the message the universe deli

vers it. I look forward to what else the universe has in store for me....

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