Army Ants

Oddly enough the greatest obstacle while living in the jungle was avoiding these amazing little creatures called Army Ants, they were incredible to watch. Hundreds of little ants marching in a perfectly straight line for more then at least 15 feet from what I could see. They would never bother you unless you happen to not notice them, step on their line and disrupt their journey. One morning I was peacefully lost in the beauty of my surroundings, lost in the sounds of the jungle when I happened upon several lines of army after the other. I took one huge leap hoping to clear each line of the little creatures. Unfortunately for me my leap fell short and I landed right smack in the middle of the last line of very determined ants. I certainly could not have imagined how something so tiny could could inflict so much pain. While I certainly was not happy about being bit, the fact that I was bit made me think to myself that the next time I walk down this path I will remember those army ants ..I will make note as to where those cracks are...those little pebbles along the way that trip you up when you are not fully aware.....I guess I learned that I am far from perfect, I know I am going to walk the same path more then once, each time I may come across a different obstacle along the way - but each time I get bit or trip over a crack I will learn to continue to keep my eyes open my sight ahead of me and eventually I will walk that path and it will be clear.

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