Lessons from the Jungle

It is hard to believe that I have been back from Costa Rica for 2 weeks now. Well, let me rephrase that, I have physically been back for 2 weeks...mentally, I have been doing everything possible to keep my mind and heart in the jungle. The month of June I spent at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Cabuya Costa Rica. I was there to do my 300 hour yoga certification, which bring me now to be a 500RYT. I can certainly go on and on about how incredibly beautiful and amazing living among nature in the jungle of Costa Rica was as well as share about the incredible wildlife and the palpable energy that truly just permeates the jungle. All in all in was truly a blessing to be there and beyond an opportunity of a lifetime. The subjects that we studied as part of our curriculum were as varied and as awe inspiring as the jungle I was now at one with. Jyotish, Vattsu, Sanskirt, amazing Pranayama and Meditation just to scratch the surface. With a academic focus so rich and full you would think that there would not be much room left for the random life lessons that would ncome along. Except, the life lessons that were placed in front of myself and my fellow students were by far the most mentally challenging, heart opening and life altering lessons of all. It is incredible what you receive when you truly open your mind and your heart to the universe. To trust that the Divine will in fact place in front of you what exactly it is that you need, keep in mind that what that is may not be even close to what you want. But that is where the greatest lessons are.

I was now living, eating, and spending close to 24/7 with a community of people I have never met before. We were super fortunate that we were all as similar as we were different and gelled together rather well. All that being said it is always interesting to see what comes up for you when you are pretty much completely cut off from the outside world and internet service (yes there is internet but internet in the jungle is not all that reliable) so all of your go to support has to be found either in yourself, in nature or in someone that you are first learning about...luckily all of those 3 places turned out to be exactly where I needed to look....stay tuned...as I continue to process I will continue to share....this is a journey and an amazing one so one that I want to savor.

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