The Journey Begins

Yesterday was the beginning of a once in a life time transformation. Little did I realize that I was going to be have to tap in so deep so quickly. It began at ATL airport - major delays, people so unwilling to offer any assistance and just the general overall I can not be bothered attitude.....I missed my connecting small plane flight to Tambor and thus the adventure took off...I felt like I was on the TV show the Amazing Race..I took a 2 hour cab ride to the Saliendo De Puntarenas to Tambor(which was an hour and half ride) to then be met by some random woman who was sent to pick me and drive me over an hour to my hotel in Montezuma...over the course of the several hours of travel I met many kind people who were so willing to help me out and make sure that I made it to my destination safe and sound. The car ride from the ferry to the hotel allowed me time to learn so much about life in Costa Rica - things that I would have never had the opportunity to learn if it were not for the initial delay in Atlanta...I had to open my heart and trust that the Universe was going to take care of me...perhaps the universe was teaching me a lesson, a lesson in letting go of having to control everything especially the things that we clearly can not control...and to have an open heart and an open believe that there are still good honest people in the world who are not out to get you and if you just remember to breathe and keep your mind in the moment it will all work out. I finally arrived at my hotel about 14 hours later...exhausted and grateful. This morning I woke up to the amazing sounds of the waves crashing into the rocks, beautiful sunshine, flowers, and a yummy fresh breakfast of tropical fruits. I met two other jungle goddesses who will be joining me on this journey and already I have begun to decompress and understand the reason that I was meant to be here...stayed posted for me - I will do my best to share this journey although wifi is not always reliable in the jungle..I am so grateful for this gift and plan to relish every moment...PURA VIDA all....and peace out

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