I woke up this morning feeling as if I was lost in the midst of the negative sway that sometimes happens when you are in the middle of some crazy transitions. I was feeling less then in every possible way...less pretty, less fit, less smart, less graceful...just plan old less then. Here I am weeks away from my 500 hour yoga certification training in the most magical place I could think of, Costa Rica and all I can focus on is what I am NOT. Then as things often do, my original plan for the morning was changed and I was able to attend one of my new favorite yoga if I was meant to be there because of course the focal point of class was your breathe, mind and body all respond in the in between moments of the transition. For me, right now I am responding to the natural fear of taking that huge leap to challenge yourself and grow....heading off to the middle of the jungle where i know no one and the likelihood that I will be able to speak with my "go to" support system is questionable...who knows how reliable wi-fi is when you are literally off the grid?? So, I must look within myself and pull out all those kick ass warrior qualities that I know are there, although they so easily are willing to take the back seat to the ever present negative chit chat, . The transition for me right now is to move through that thick muddy swamp so that my lotus can blossom....Hey no lotus...

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