Courage and Compassion

I have been receiving a lot of messages this week about showing compassion. It seems to be a thread in every yoga class I have taken and many exchanges I have had. When I think of compassion I generally think of it as something that I need to work on in regards to how I treat and react to people around me, and yes this is something that I continue to work on, on a daily basis. But this week I had an even more difficult challenge, this was to show compassion to myself. I thought compassion to others was hard well this was stepping into a whole new territory of challenging myself. I really had to own and stand strong to what i knew was best for me and allow the other people involved to have their emotions and reactions without crumbling from the guilt that I usually give in to. I had to tap in deep to find the courage that I knew was there and make a decision that felt best for me when I knew I was going to be disappointing people that I love deeply. I am so grateful for these baby steps, it is such a gift to be able to find that courage to show compassion to myself.

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