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This May will be 2 years that my husband and I packed ourselves up and moved down south. Honestly, it was by far the best decision we have ever made. Not only was this move an opportunity to escape the miserable Northeast winters and the general craziness of the tri-state area but it was an opportunity to invite curiosity, explore and create a whole new chapter of our lives. To say that I have had an incredible experience being a New Yorker turned southern belle is an understatement.

I have completely embraced the southern hospitality, made a bundle of amazing friends, and have found several of the most inviting, nourishing and energy uplifting yoga studios. Two days after I arrived in Roswell, Ga. I walked into Plum Tree Yoga. There was an instant connection and I knew I found my home base. The energy of Terri (the owner) was not only welcoming but genuinely kind and gave me an instant feeling of being part of a community that I knew I wanted to nestle into. Over the past year and a half I have made an incredible group of friends, grown as a yoga teacher as well as a yogi. I found my foundation, my safe happy place and now I am ready to spread those wings and is time to explore and challenge myself.

I have always felt that I receive the greatest gifts when I step out of my comfort zone and push myself. It is when I am filled with complete excitement and fear that I know the best stuff is about to take place. I feel so fortunate that I am surrounded by several amazing yoga studios (Johns Creek Yoga, Grey Owl and Korsi just to name a few) where I have encountered super talented teachers, warm and welcoming communities of fellow yogis and multiple opportunities to challenge, educate and enrich myself as a teacher. So much is happening….it is beyond cool...and it is just getting started...this June I am headed to Costa Rica for a month long intensive to receive my 300 hour certification...stay tuned..

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