Do kids really need Yoga?  The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!

Kids today live in a fast based world.  They are dealing with pressure not only from school, but extra curricular activities, parents, peers and the ever growing presence of social media.  It truly is almost impossible to escape the quick paced intensity of everyday life.  All of these factors can quickly take its toll and wear down a child's ability to just be a child.  

Kidding Around Yoga, the program that I received my certification from has truly perfected the concept of kids yoga, it is essentially a stress management program developed especially for kids.  In addition to learning how to manage daily stress, there are so many other benefits from kids doing yoga.


  • Standing poses improve posture and strength

  • Balancing poses improve focus, concentration, coordination & poise

  • Backbends stimulate the sympathetic nervous system .  They also open and strengthen the heart and chest

  • Inversions and more advanced poses encourage practice, patience and build self esteem 

  • The Secret Garden (kids version of Savasanah) allows the body to fully rest and receive all of the benefits if the yoga practice.  It also gives kids the chance to create a special place in their minds where they can feel peaceful, safe and blissful

  • Breathe work (pranayama) is a great way to reduce stress and help with focus and concentration

  • Meditation can help kids learn to quiet their mind, find calmness & clarity

  • The use of play in all of the classes allows kids to let go, be silly and basically act just like kids

  • Music and dance have therapeutic properties as well as teaches rhythm, temp and coordination

  • Exploring the principles of yoga in each class teaches kids about kindness, sharing , respect and so much more.  Valuable tools that will stay with them for life and help them grow into OMazing adults

Additionally, there have been numerous articles published on the many benefits of yoga for kids.  Below are just a few...

"Stephanie has great energy and connectivity with kids.  She's able to adapt her classes from babies
(which can be a struggle to teach!) to teens using different age-appropriate techniques. 
She's great at incorporating music & art with yoga by using related themes.  She demonstrates patience and a deep understanding of the adolescent heart in her practice and teaching."
- Sheila C., Atlanta Kids Yoga

Private Kids Yoga Events

Wild Child yoga offers private and customizable kid sessions and birthday parties that can include yoga and mindful crafts and activitiess.  To discuss your event, please send an email!

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